Event Name Description of Event Country of Event Date
Mid Term Transnational Conference This mid-term event will take place in Greece  The Event will take place on the 12  July 2017 and will coincide with the launch of the Curriculum Programme. The event will be open to VET organisations and wider networks.

This Event will have a focus on Employers and aims to attract the practical participation of Employers, in order to gain useful feedback on their current experience of working with the VET sector and in particular the job brokering aspect of this but also provide an opportunity to inform them of the new professional standards which are being developed to enable Job Brokers to more successfully anticipate and meet their employment needs and will include ’round table’ discussion. The Event will provide an opportunity for Employers to provide feedback on programme and the competencies being developed, which can then be fed into and reflected in the work being carried out on the Competency Framework.

 Greece 12/7/2017
Final Conference The Final Conference aims to  bring together all partners and attract Stakeholder, Policymakers, Funders and Employers from across the partner countries, mainly in Austria with the aim of providing a platform to promote the work of the project, whilst also beginning the process of extending and expanding on the work already achieved. In this way the Final Conference will not be a ‘closing’ event but rather a celebration of work completed to date and a promotional event for forthcoming developmental work.

This one-day event in Vienna is open to Stakeholders, Employers, VET Organisations and those with an interest in all aspects of Job Brokerage.

The event will show case the work of the partners over the previous 3 years and will have specific areas of interest for all the groups being represented. There will be an opportunity for ’round table’ discussion with a group of ‘experts’ and ‘practitioners’ representing all the factors and sectors potentially involved and affected by the outcome of this programme, this will include employers, Job Brokers, funders, key individuals from VET and Educational institutions.

Austria 5/7/2018
National Events These National Conferences aim to increase participation in the Pilot in each partner country, open up opportunities for dialogue with employers, stakeholders and other VET organisations and gain support for the concept of a professional set of standards and accreditation which can be applied to the international role of the Job Broker. Austria 17/10/2017
Cyprus 27/9/2017
Germany 2/6/2017
Greece 12/7/2017
Iceland 12/9/2017
Italy 26/9/2017
Spain 9/11/2017
United Kingdom 23/5/2017