Pilot Training

In order to pilot the Job Broker curriculum programme that the partners have designed, each partner will host a Working Group to review the learning materials that have been developed, including the research that was carried out and an Occupational Profile for the Job Broker that was developed earlier in the project. As well as staff from the partner organisations, each Working Group will involve Job Counsellors from both public and private agencies, Job Brokers from Vocational Education and Training providers, Careers Counsellors (Information Advice and Guidance practitioners) and/or other stakeholders with an interest in job brokering.  This process will be taking place up until the middle of Juy 2017.

If you would like to be involved in the Working Group, or would like to find out more about the curriculum programme, and you are from on of the participating countries in the project, please get in touch with your named contact below:

Austria: Martin Stark
Cyprus: George Georgiadis
Greece: Vaso Anastasopoulou
Germany: Reiner Aster
Spain: Gema Díaz Domínguez
Iceland: Sofia Gísladóttir
Italy: Stefano Bini
United Kingdom: Amanda Francis