This project aims to design and test a new learning programme to support the newly-emerging occupational profile of the ‘Job Broker’ in Europe.
The project brings together 8 European countries to develop and validate jointly a ‘new’ action learing-based curriculum programme and self-directed learning guide which contributes towards improving the quality, efficiency & relevance (attractiveness) of VET to the needs of the labour market. The project contributes towards the implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy for jobs for 75% of the population aged 20-64 to be in work & its flagship initiatives “inclusive growth” by validating a Curriculum Programme that would help VET providers in the EU to increase their success rate in securing sustainable jobs for their learners (the job-seekers). In addition, through the standardisation of functions within the role of the Job Broker, the project will foster the mobility of these skilled professionals.
Set against the context of high unemployment across Europe, particularly in the South, – but also a context where there are signs of recovery & even skills shortages & unfilled vacancies, the role of the effective ‘Job Broker’ is emerging as a key player in VET provision– a professional, working in a variety of contexts (Public Employment Services, Job Counselling, VET organisations) identifying & matching learners on publicly funded VET and employment programmes into sustained job opportunities. Read more