Occupational Profile

The Occupational Profile for the European Job Broker has been constructed from the information collected during the in depth research activities. It defines the main ‘areas of activity’ involved in the job, including the type of competencies  and standards, for the successful Job Broker. The result is a illustrative Person Specification/Job Description and list of key competencies.,. The Occupational Profile is aligned to partner National Qualification Frameworks and the European Qualification Framework.

The Occupational Profile is comprised of:

  • A mutually agreed Person Spec/Job Description Role Description which defines the purpose and function of the Job Broker, which will ensure that the Standards framework is current and relevant to the European context;
  • A description of the Occupational Standards that capture the competencies required to effectively carry out the Brokerage function based upon known good practice as identified through the Individual Country Reports and Synthesis Report; and
  • Outlines the areas of activity, and the type of skills, knowledge, aptitudes and experience required to be competent as an effective and competent Job Broker.