Job broker pilots Cyprus

Three piloting sessions took place in Cyprus, on the 23/06/2017, 28/06/2017 and 05/07/2017, respectively. In the 1st session job brokers from different organisations, such as CCCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry), CCC (Certification Company), IMA (Intnl. Professional Association) and the Cyprus College participated. In the 2nd session, the participants were job brokers from Amathus Corporation Ltd. and the Ministry of Education & Culture (most of them VET policy makers and trainers), while in the 3rd session the participants comprised of job brokers from IKAROS and EDIT-C (both VET providers).

In general, participants remarked that through the training programme they acquired hands-on knowledge and skills that they can use right away in their workplace. They valued the personalised approach (case management) that is cultivated through the programme and they enjoyed the action based learning materials which allowed them to acquire a big amount of knowledge and skills, in a short time. They thought that the exercises were to the point and brought about great discussions and brainstorming sessions, allowing the learners to actively participate in the process.

The programme seems to be in a position to cover the gap in the new occupational profile of the job broker. All participants were experienced in providing such services and they said it will be of great help to their own work.


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