3rd Transnational Meeting in Berlin

The third project meeting was held in Berlin, Germany. During the meeting, the partners worked on the finalisation of the qualifications framework for Job brokers (which has already been developed). Additionally, the partners completed the structure and learning outcomes of the syllabus which is in line with the qualification framework and started working on the development of the educational material for Job Brokers. The project aims at developing materials for self directed learning, a fact which also constitutes a contribution of the Job Broker project.

Job Broker is a three year project under the Erasmus + Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership program. Rinova (UK) leads the project, and the partnership involves organizations from Spain, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Austria, Greece and the Mediterranean Management Centre from Cyprus. The partner organizations are characterized by diversity regarding the scope of their activities: public placement services, vocational training institutions, professional development organizations. The bonding element is that everyone is involved in the development or provision of services supporting unemployed into the labor market.

“Job Broker” is the second phase of an initiative by Rinova and other European partners, under the “Leonardo da Vinci Partnerships” program, which took place in 2013 – 2015. The previous project has allowed the partners to define and explore common features of the role of job brokers in the partner countries, which increasingly converges across EU countries lately, since public placement services and vocational training organizations develop new ways to combat unemployment in various target groups. Also, such organisations are committed to finding jobs for unemployed, since they provide education to support them and work as intermediaires between them and employers,


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